Wednesday 20 January 2016

Nissan Continues to make tracks

Nissan Rogue

In recent years it seems to be Nissan who is enjoying swapping ordinary wheels for tracks in order to allow their vehicles to go ‘Rogue’. In their latest advertisement they really have fun with the fact that we love coming down a ski slope but getting back up can sometimes be a hassle.

Fortunately ‘they gift the Rogue with the ability to scamper up a 45-degree grade and sail over obstacles as high as 23 inches’. It is a really cool jeep and watching the link makes you want to be in it. With the latest cold weather and snow starting to set in all around the world maybe this is what we should start travelling around in!

Where they expect to actually go with this prototype, no one knows but it is an excellent addition to Nissan's track car collection! Who agrees? Maybe this is what we should rent at Easy Car Booking! What do you think?

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