Wednesday 3 February 2016

Electric cars

electric cars
electric carselectric cars
It can now be made easier to get a cheap car rental as the petrol price has fallen rapidly over the  past seven months. This has caused problems for those countries exporting this commodity but other companies have been aloud to to expand because of a greater discretionary income.
The US are producing more oil than they know what to do with due to this new cracking method that extracts the oil from below the earth's surface. Also there is weak demand in some countries due to the financial crisis. OPEC is determined not to cut production as a way to prop up prices.
The good news for us as car users is that petrol is becoming so cheap but this means there are price wars starting to happen as oil suppliers increase and supermarkets engage in a price war. Low cost supermarkets  such as Asda and Tesco were facing stiff competition from discount brands such as Aldi and Lidl.

With all this debating going on over the fuel prices I wonder if it is the electric cars we should be looking towards?

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