Wednesday 27 January 2016

New car rentals

California tclass s cabhurricane yellow

Easy Car Booking are Introducing some fabulous new cars for rental this season. We have managed to get ourselves on some really great offers and we can finally share these with you. How about renting a car from us like the new Lamborghini Huricane cab with its dynamic steering, carbon fiber body and the ability to reach a top speed of 320km/h (not that we would advise attempting this). If lamborghini isn’t taking your fancy then why not try one of our ferrari for example the California T or the new 498 ferrari cab. Both of these will have adrenaline running through you as the power and joy in which these cars provide is something from heaven. They look stylish, clean and will provide you with an unforgettable car rental from us. To enjoy the sun, we also have the new class s cab from mercedes which is a convertible that you will love. Whichever you choose you won’t regret it. Check out our facebook page to keep up to date with more deals we may have.

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Easy Car Booking
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